Performance Dance Classes

2022 EDAD Concert-537

Is it your or your child’s dream to deliver a jaw-dropping dance performance on stage? At EDAD, we turn dreams into reality. Our performance dance classes are crafted around igniting a joy for movement and empowering our students to thrill audiences with their distinct style on stage.

Tailored to your age & skill

In our performance dance classes, students will dance their way into the world of Jazz, Tap, Classical or Contemporary. These classes, tailored to age and skill level, dramatically boost each student’s confidence as they dance alongside their peers who share a love for dance.

Our experienced dance teachers are by their students’ side every step of the way. From the moment they enrol to the moment they step onto the stage, their focus is on empowering every student to master their movement, ensuring they confidently own the stage.

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2023 EDAD Concert-32

Why join EDAD for Performance dance classes?

Ready to see your child steal the show with an amazing performance?

Find out more about joining our ever-growing dance community at EDAD.

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