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Adelaide Contemporary Dance Classes

Contemporary Dance Classes

Contemporary dance is a popular form of dance, which developed during the middle portion of the twentieth century and has since grown to become one of the dominating performance genres for formally trained dancers throughout the world, with particularly strong popularity in the U.S. and Western Europe. 

In terms of the focus of its technique, contemporary dance tends to utilize both the strong and controlled legwork of ballet and modern dance’s stress on the torso, and also employs contact-release, floor work, fall and recovery, and improvisation characteristic of modern dance. Unpredictable changes in rhythm, speed, and direction are often used, as well.

It sometimes also incorporates elements of non-western dance cultures such as elements from African dance including bent knees, or movements from the Japanese contemporary dance Butoh. 

Contemporary Dance Exams

The C.S.T.D have recently created a Contemporary Technique syllabus in collaboration with esteemed choreographer Jason Winters (pictured above). Students taking part in Contemporary exam lessons have the opportunity each year to meet and learn from Jason at the C.S.T.D workshops and masterclasses.

Lessons in Contemporary are held during the week, after school, in preparation for exams. This is an excellent way to further encourage children to work towards developing & improving their skills, where they will then perform their routines in an exam situation with a visiting interstate examiner. On passing, each student receives a report and the corresponding medal, trophy or certificate. (If participating in an exam is seen as undesirable, then your child may attend lessons without participating in the exam session, therefore still gaining the advantage of development and skills – an assessment of progress would be issued instead).

At exam time (August of each year) there is an additional cost involved to actually partake in the exam – required by the Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing. This gives us an interstate examiner plus the corresponding reports, medals, trophies and certificates.

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