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At Eastern Districts Academy of Dance (EDAD), dance is more than just steps and routines. It’s a journey of support, personal growth, and lifting each other to new heights.

Supporting Growth & Development

At Eastern Districts Academy of Dance, we celebrate the art of self-improvement through dance. We believe every dancer is unique and support each student to be the best version of themselves. At EDAD, while we value healthy competition, our primary goal is to nurture and bring out the best in each individual, irrespective of their skills and abilities. We’re here to support every student’s growth and development as a dancer.

EDAD is more than just a traditional dance studio, it’s a cherished community with a 34-year history. EDAD has built an inclusive environment that welcomes people from diverse backgrounds and varying needs. Open to dancers of all ages, we offer a range of dance forms including Classical, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary and ToddleDance focusing on both exam and performance classes.

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A collective passion for dance

Whether you’re interested in your child participating in a dance exam, showcasing their talent at our annual concert, or simply want them to enjoy dance for fitness or fun, our passionate and experienced dance teachers are dedicated to helping every student reach their goal.

Our class sizes ensure students receive the personal attention they deserve, empowering them to discover and express themselves with each step they take.

Come and be a part of our community, where we celebrate a collective passion for dance, embracing inclusivity, warmth and a vibrant energy.

Experience the magic of dance and begin your unique journey today

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